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Is Breast Augmentation Painful?

Breast augmentation surgery is popular across a wide age range of women. This procedure, with or without a breast lift, can beautifully enhance the proportions of the body. In addition to feeling excited about the potential outcome of breast augmentation, most patients also face some degree of concern about complications and side effects. Primarily, we… Read More »

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A Few Things You Should Know about Breast Augmentation

For women considering breast augmentation, information can be incredibly empowering. We’ve seen time and time again that an informed patient is a confident patient. To help each of our valued patients, we provide answers to their questions and details regarding their procedure well in advance of surgery day. We’ll discuss a few of those details… Read More »

What Type of Breast Implant Feels More Natural?

Every year, thousands of breast augmentation procedures are done. The reasons for this surgery are deeply personal to each patient. However, the desired outcome is similar across the board. Patients want larger, shapelier breasts that look and feel as natural as possible. With attention to many tiny details, an experienced surgeon can meet this goal. … Read More »

Why Breast Enhancement is Always in Style

We’ve seen numerous cosmetic fads come and go over the years. Some have continually attracted a high amount of interest, even as mini-trends have emerged within them. Breast enhancement is one example. Several procedures can fall under the description of breast enhancement, including breast lift surgery and breast reduction, as well. However, by and large,… Read More »

Considering Breast Augmentation? Here’s How to Prepare!

Breast augmentation procedures are performed every day around the country. This popular plastic surgery procedure offers many benefits. If you’ve been researching breast augmentation in the Austin area, you must already know this. Undergoing a procedure that transforms your body into everything you want is empowering. What else is empowering is knowing how to make… Read More »

Breast Enhancement is Multidimensional

Life offers women many experiences. Through them, internal and external changes occur. On the inside, a woman gains wisdom and compassion through relationships, professional gains, and motherhood. On the outside, the passing of years and expansion of family has other effects, some of them not-so-nice. The breasts, in particular, can morph significantly over time, going… Read More »

The Topic of Breast Implant Safety Revisited

Since the initial development of breast implants, these medical devices have held a prestigious position in cosmetic surgery. Women around the world have enjoyed the benefits of beautifully augmented breasts for many years now, and the world of breast implant surgery has continued to improve. New implant devices have been developed over the years. Together… Read More »

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Breast Augmentation

More than 300,000 women underwent breast augmentation last year. The year prior, the number was just below that mark. Since the year 2000, the popularity of breast augmentation has remained consistent with more than 200,000 procedures performed annually. This tells us something. It tells us that many women are finding it possible to attend to… Read More »

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