Revision Abdominoplasty

While many patients are happy with their abdominoplasty performed by other surgeons, some patients come to us seeking revision surgery after unsatisfactory results from their initial procedure. These feelings of unhappiness may be caused by the lack of contour, too high of a scar position or loosening of the muscle repair. Other reasons include healing complications that occurred after the procedure which can effect scar quality. Even patients who are happy with the results of their initial procedure require additional procedures to tighten the muscle repair or further contour the abdomen with liposuction.

Revision abdominoplasty is often performed through a procedure very similar to the initial abdominoplasty surgery, with slight modifications made depending on the reason for revision. After these procedures, patients are able to fully enjoy the abdominal contour, lower scar position and tighter muscle.

Lower Abdominal Scar

After their first abdominoplasty, many women discover that they actually want the abdominal scar lower than the results achieved during the initial procedure. This can help to cover the scar in swim wear and clothing. A scar revision with skin release including the umbilical stalk can mobilize the upper abdominal skin which can be lowered through removal of skin below the previous incision.

This is the most common reason that patients seek revision abdominoplasty surgery. During this type of revision procedure, the same incision is used to remove the skin below the previous abdominopalsty incision which is possible after softening of the upper abdominal skin. Liposuction and muscle tightening can also be performed through this incision.

Patients seeking changes to their abdominoplasty scar are advised to wait at least three months after the initial procedure before undergoing revision suregry. After three months, the swelling has subsided and the skin has softened, allowing patients to evaluate the true scar postion. From there, revisions can be made if desired.

Diastsis Repair Revision

Diastasis Recti laxity are often noticeable, as the laxity will gradually increase in size and recur to previous shape if suture disruption occurs. Patients with recurrent minor laxity may notice small changes in the shape of the abdomen but should have any suspected laxity evaluated after muscle tone is worked on. Your plastic surgeon may perform an evaluation through a CT scan or MRI to evaluate the status of your repair.

A diastais repair can be repaired within the first 2 months and can be done through the same incision as the initial procedure though only the central area may need to opened. This procedure is often easier and less painful than the first procedure, and patients can benefit from a faster recovery as well.

Umbilical Scar Revision

The umbilical or belly button scar can be revised very easily with narrowing or enlarging the belly button. The belly button skin can be removed if too prominent and the shape can be modified as well. If the umbilicus is not positioned correctly it can be modified as well. A new belly button can be created if needed.\

The majority of belly button revisions can be performed in the office under local anesthesia and may have to be performed in a separate procedure form an abdominoplasty revision.

Contour Revisions

There is always a risk of certain complications and side effects from an abdominoplasty procedure. Some of these complications may include contour irregularity, scar widening, and healing complications. Scar widening may occur most often in women with thin skin or too much tension placed on the abdominoplasty procedure. Contour irregularity involves recurrent or residual fatty deposits and scar tissue.

There are several solutions available to help correct these complications. Removing the areas of scar widening and liposuction is often helpful in relieving these problems and correcting the look and feel of the abdomen and scar.

Revision Abdominoplasty

Revision procedures can often be avoided by choosing a plastic surgeon who is skilled and experienced in abdominoplasty. Dr. Trussler’s will work one-on-one with you to achieve the precise results you desire and deserve with a minimized risk of complications during or after your procedure. Our doctor has years of experience performing abdominoplasty for many satisfied patients.

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