Pediatric Surgery Austin, TX

Pediatric Surgery Austin, TX

pediatric surgery in austin tx

Congenital Hand and Foot Surgery

Congenital deformities of the hand and foot are physical abnormalities present at birth that can significantly affect a child’s hand and foot function and appearance. Deformities may occur as a result of abnormal development, birth injuries or genetic factors, and can involve fingers or toes that are fused together, an underdeveloped hand or foot, extra fingers or toes, and other abnormalities. Surgery for these conditions depends on the type and severity of the deformity but may include tendon transfers, skin grafts, limb manipulation, external appliances or prosthetic devices to restore normal function and appearance to the hand or foot.

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Microvascular Reconstruction of the Limbs

Microvascular limb reconstruction can be performed to correct congenital deformities or traumatic injuries of the limbs in patients of all ages. Dr. Trussler takes advantage of the most precise and effective techniques to restore the appearance and functionality of affected limbs so that patients can benefit from an improved quality of life. The best procedure for limb reconstruction varies for each individual patient and may include tissue transplantation (or flaps), replantation, nerve repair and grafting, limb lengthening, prosthetics and more.

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Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Pediatric plastic surgery makes up about 3% of all plastic surgery procedures, and may be performed to correct deformities caused by birth defects or trauma; or for cosmetic purposes, and may include cleft lip and palate, craniosynostosis, ear and nose problems, birthmarks, burns and traumatic injuries. Dr. Trussler works with families to make sure the patient’s individual growth and development are taken into consideration.

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