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Voluma® is a hyaluronic acid injectable filler that has been FDA-approved for use in the cheek or midface region. It is a thick gel which is injected into the the deeper tissues of the cheek area to add volume and shape. Voluma® is designed to help correct the effects of early aging in the midafce, including flattening of the cheek, deep lines underneath the lower eyelid, hollowing of the lower cheek, and sagging of the cheek pad. It is a safe, effective and long-lasting alternative to other methods of correcting aging in the midface.

What Are My Options?

Dr. Trussler offers numerous midface procedures for both men and women of all ages. A consultation in his Austin, Texas office will enable patient’s to discuss their goals and learn what their options for midface rejuvenation are. Midface aging can be present as early as the twenties, especially if things such as eyelid bags run in the family. Younger patients and patients with early midface aging may be more interested in non-invasive midface procedures such as volumetric fillers like Voluma® which is FDA approved for the cheek area.

Patients with moderate to severe midface aging may prefer a longer lasting midface lift such as an endoscopic midface lift which is performed through the hairline or an open cheek lift performed through a lower eyelid incision.


Midface rejuvenation procedures are ideal for reducing puffiness under the eyes, improving the contour of the upper cheeks, and correcting nasolabial folds. The degree of lower eyelid aging, the presence of lower eyelid bags, and the extent of cheek descent all factor in to the choice of midface procedure. Non-invasive midface procedures like Voluma® injections are typically in-office procedures with minimal recovery, though they are not permanent and the results may last for two years.

Midface lifts are often performed in conjunction with lower-eyelid blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the area around the eyes and lift the cheeks.Midface procedures are ideally performed on healthy patients with defined and realistic goals that can be met with the recommended technique.


An in-office Voluma® midface procedure restores youthful shape to the mid-face region by adding volume to the cheeks and smoothing lower eyelid lines. Voluma® injections performed by Dr. Trussler can achieve a natural, long lasting, rejuvenated look without the need to undergo a surgical midface lift.

Voluma® is volume dependent, and deeper lines and multiple areas will require multiple syringes of the product. Voluma® will last about two years, but re-injection may be needed earlier to maintain the volumetric correction.


Voluma® injections are done in the office by Dr. Trussler. After a full face consultation where your goals will be discussed and your face and skin evaluated a treatment plan will be presented, including the amount of Voluma® needed for each area. Prior to injection the areas will be anesthetized with topical numbing cream and/or local anesthesia. The skin is cleaned with anti-bacterial solution before injections to limit any risk of infection. The areas of injections are cooled with ice packs to limit any localized bruising or swelling. Dr. Trussler uses Voluma® XC and injects with a technique that will be comfortable and reliable. The product is injected under the skin at different depths depending on the area of treatment. Correction is confirmed by the patient with a mirror after the product is placed and massaged by Dr. Trussler.

After Care & Recovery

The results of a Voluma® injections are visible immediately after the procedure, and will continue to improve over the next week as any swelling and bruising subside. The lower eyelids may swell more than other areas, but this can be limited with the use of cooling ice packs. Dr. Trussler encourages the use of topical ice packs every 4 to 6 hours for the first 2 days to limit bruising and swelling. Massage is not needed, as this can disrupt the placement of the product under the skin. Physical activity can be resumed the day after the injections.

Most patients see an improvement in the treatment areas and only need one treatment to achieve optimal results. Results may vary and touch up treatments may be required to maintain results, but Voluma® can smooth lower eyelid lines and add volume to the cheek for up to two years.

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