Pediatric Microvascular Reconstruction of the Limbs

Pediatric Microvascular Reconstruction of the Limbs

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Limb reconstruction for pediatric patients may be performed to correct severe trauma or a congenital or developmental condition in which amputation is strongly considered. Fortunately, there are other options for many patients in these situations through the use of microvascular limb reconstruction, which uses tissue from other areas of the body to save and reconstruct the affected limb through a number of different techniques. Dr. Trussler has specialized training and experience in limb reconstruction to help patients of all ages salvage severely damaged limbs.

What Are My Pediatric Limb Reconstruction Options?

Microvascular limb reconstruction can be performed to correct a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Congenital birth defects
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Developmental issues (such as bowlegs or knock-knees)
  • Malignant tumors

Reconstruction is often performed after amputation or extensive surgical treatment performed to correct one of the conditions mentioned above. Dr. Trussler uses the latest and most advanced microsurgical techniques available to help restore function and appearance to affected limbs.


Microvascular limb reconstruction can be performed on many patients with serious limb conditions, including children of nearly any age, but it is not appropriate in all cases. Dr. Trussler will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether or not this type of treatment is right for the patient’s individual condition.


It is important for patients to realize that microvascular limb reconstruction is often a long and multi-procedural process that will not completely restore an affected limb back to normal. Patients must maintain realistic expectations and be committed to a lengthy recovery process in order to receive the most successful results from these procedures.


The type of procedure performed depends on each patient’s individual condition. Dr. Trussler may utilize one or more of the following techniques in order to salvage or reconstruct a limb:

  • Skin grafting
  • Local or musculocutaneous flaps
  • Soft tissue covers
  • Tendon transfer
  • Callus distraction

These procedures are performed in a hospital setting under general anesthesia, and usually, require a lengthy recovery period as the patient regains use of the affected limb and learns to cope with their treatment.

Limb Reconstruction Recovery

As with any surgical procedure, patients will likely experience swelling, bruising and pain after limb reconstruction surgery. The treated area will be covered with a dressing or bandage, and a splint or brace may be used as well to keep the area immobilized during healing. Dr. Trussler can provide patients with pain medication as needed during recovery.

Patients will likely need to undergo physical therapy after surgery in order to restore function to the affected limb, including strengthening the muscles and flexibility. Dr. Trussler will provide patients with specific instructions based on their individual treatment to promote proper healing and a quick return to previous activity levels.

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