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Burn Surgery

Burns are common injuries to the hands and face that affect patients of all ages. Fortunately, most flash and scald burns only involve the superficial layer of the skin and are considered partial thickness burns. Burns can range in severity and are classified by the depth of skin injury.

Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

A hernia occurs when tissue or part of an organ, usually the intestines, protrudes through a weak point or tear in the abdominal wall, forming a sac. Patients with this condition may experience pain in the abdomen, which is worse during certain physical activities. Surgery is the only effective treatment option for hernias and involves pushing the displaced tissue back into its normal position, which can be done using traditional or laparoscopic techniques.

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Hand Surgery

Plastic surgery is a very broad field that encompasses almost every part of the body. The hand has classically been a domain treated by plastic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons secondary to the intricate and complex combination of soft tissue and bone reconstruction. Treatment of injuries to the hand include management of open wounds, lacerations and amputations to the fingers, hand and upper extremity. These traumatic wounds may also involve injuries to underlying blood vessels, nerves, tendons and muscles, as well as bones. These can all be managed by a plastic surgeon with experience in hand surgery. Other common disorders of the hand include infections, inflammatory conditions, and congenital deformities.

Hand and finger injuries are some of the most common reasons to visit an emergency room and urgent care. Dr. Trussler is available to efficiently and effectively see you after your emergency room visit if needed.

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Post-Bariatric Weight Loss Body Contouring

Bariatric or gastric bypass surgery can be highly successful in helping morbidly obese patients lose weight. After the procedure, patients are often able to enjoy not only significant weight loss but also greater mobility, relief of symptoms and a lower risk of weight-related disease – not to mention a boost in self-confidence. Post-bariatric plastic surgery combines reconstructive and cosmetic techniques to tighten, lift and contour sagging areas for a more attractive appearance.

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“I’m very happy with my breast augmentation! Dr. Trussler did a breast augmentation and did a fabulous job. A very special thank u to the staff at the clinic as well, follow up visit amazing. Would highly recommend, Andrew P. Trussler, MD - Austin Plastic Surgery if you want the BEST!”

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