Getting the Rest You Need after Breast Enhancement

Undergoing breast enhancement or a mommy makeover is a big deal. Patients have every reason to be excited about the changes they will see once they recover from their procedure. But they have to get from Point A to Point B through their brief recovery period. If you’ve been exploring the benefits of a breast procedure or mommy makeover, you may realize that you’ll need more than a little extra rest as your body heals. Here, we discuss what that looks like, particularly when it comes to getting the sleep you need.

Make Reclining Comfortable

For several days after breast surgery, it is necessary to elevate the upper half of the body when resting; even when sleeping. If you have a recliner, this is easy. If you don’t, you can still rest comfortably. To keep your upper body elevated, you can stack several pillows behind you and also beside you. If you’ve had a mommy makeover, reclining enables you to move from a resting to a standing position without having to use the muscles of your upper body as much as you normally would.

Sleep on Your Back

Once you can lie flat after abdominoplasty or breast augmentation, you’ll need to sleep on your back. If this is not your norm, we suggest that you start “training” several weeks before your procedure so there is no frustration when you’re tired and sore from surgery. To help you sleep on your back, we suggest placing a pillow on each side. Placing your arms on the pillows can keep you from rolling over in your sleep. The purpose of this suggestion is to limit pressure or tension on your incisions and on operative areas like the breasts or abdomen, which are tender and sore.

Wear Support

Patients who undergo breast procedures have a compression garment applied after surgery. This minimizes swelling by gently pressing fluids away from the surgical area. The surgical bra or support garment that Dr. Trussler applies should also be worn while you sleep so your skin is not pulled or pressed.

Ensure Quality Sleep

You may take naps during your recovery from plastic surgery but you also need to make sure you get deep, restful sleep at night. To do this, you may want to avoid caffeine and sugar in the afternoon hours. Studies show that using a smartphone or other electronic device or watching television before bed can lead to restlessness. Know what else can lead to restless sleep? Wine. This common nightcap is sedative at first, so people often fall asleep well after enjoying a glass or two. However, this can ultimately backfire when, during the night, the body works to process alcohol, disrupting sleep.

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