Breast Enhancement is Multidimensional

Life offers women many experiences. Through them, internal and external changes occur. On the inside, a woman gains wisdom and compassion through relationships, professional gains, and motherhood. On the outside, the passing of years and expansion of family has other effects, some of them not-so-nice. The breasts, in particular, can morph significantly over time, going from perky and firm to soft and saggy. When this happens, surgery is often considered as a solution. By the time a woman consults with a plastic surgeon, she may know exactly what cup size she wants to be and possibly even what placement technique she would prefer for her implants. We propose that there is another way to look at breast enhancement that might achieve better results.

A Multidimensional Approach to a Multifaceted Problem

The breasts are not as simple as we may think. To have breast implants inserted may not solve the problems that have made them look deflated and saggy. Breast implants are intended only for the improvement of size and shape. If motherhood or age has caused the breasts to sag, the excess skin that remains over breast implants is likely to allow them to sit farther down on the chest wall than would be ideal. To prevent this from happening, an experienced plastic surgeon may suggest a combination of breast lift surgery and breast augmentation.

Combining cosmetic procedures offers several advantages. The pairing of breast procedures can both reduce overall cost, time under anesthesia, and also recovery. Even more exciting is the fact that, by lifting the breasts at the same time of enlargement, the results are maximized both cosmetically and in terms of longevity.

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Breast augmentation is a leading cosmetic procedure, but it is only one aspect of improving the appearance of the breasts overall. To achieve optimal and lasting improvement, it pays to pay attention to the condition of breast tissue and overlying skin.

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