A Few Things You Should Know about Breast Augmentation

A Few Things You Should Know about Breast Augmentation

For women considering breast augmentation, information can be incredibly empowering. We’ve seen time and time again that an informed patient is a confident patient. To help each of our valued patients, we provide answers to their questions and details regarding their procedure well in advance of surgery day. We’ll discuss a few of those details here that seem to prevent uncertainty and regret. 

  1. Adequate preparation is paramount. Patients often want to know what to expect after surgery and what they can do to help their bodies heal. However, what is done before surgery also has a big impact on recovery. It isn’t just important to prepare the body, but also to prepare the mind and the space in which recovery will occur. Some of the common recommendations before surgery include avoiding smoking and nicotine use, eating a healthy diet, arranging childcare and pet care, and preparing a quiet, comfortable space for rest and recovery.
  2. Breast augmentation results are not immediately perfect. The first peek at breast augmentation results can be very exciting. However, it can also feel alarming if you don’t know what to expect. At first, the breasts look high and tight. They may feel firmer than seems normal. However, this is perfectly normal for the first few months of recovery. Over time, the breasts settle and soften into their natural, beautiful position.
  3. A lift may be needed. Yes, breast implants can fill out breasts that have deflated after weight loss or breastfeeding. However, breast augmentation alone may not be sufficient for perfecting the shape of the breasts. When the skin around the breasts has loosened and resulted in drooping, a lift may be the ideal ancillary procedure to go along with breast augmentation.
  4. Breast augmentation can be financed. This procedure, as well as many other cosmetic procedures, is often financed using a general credit card or a special, medical financing program such as CareCredit®  or ALPHAEON Credit®. It can be far more satisfying to obtain medical financing for breast augmentation than to choose a surgeon based on pricing rather than experience and reputation.
  5. There is such a thing as the right surgeon for your breast augmentation. Patients should consult with at least a few board-certified plastic surgeons when considering breast augmentation. In addition to holding membership with professional medical societies and adequate experience, the right surgeon for you will be someone with whom you feel comfortable and genuinely heard.

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