Why Breast Enhancement is Always in Style

We’ve seen numerous cosmetic fads come and go over the years. Some have continually attracted a high amount of interest, even as mini-trends have emerged within them. Breast enhancement is one example. Several procedures can fall under the description of breast enhancement, including breast lift surgery and breast reduction, as well. However, by and large, people think of breast enhancement as breast enlargement. Here, we list some of the primary reasons this trend is here to stay.

  1. Breast augmentation has a relatively easy recovery. The person who wants to enhance their breast shape with breast implants need not spend time in the hospital. The procedure takes one to two hours in an outpatient surgery center. Patients are anesthetized with general anesthesia to place them into a deeply sedated state. They need to spend a short period in the recovery area before being released to a loved one to drive them home. Once there, patients recover comfortably and are often ready to return to work after one week of rest and limited activity.
  2. Breast implants are safe. Certain breast implants have been bumps in the road of the bigger picture of surgical success. Last year we experienced a minor recall of a specific grouping of textured breast implants. However, breast implant safety has actually improved over the years. New manufacturing techniques include more cohesive silicone encased in softer but more resilient breast implant shells.
  3. Breast augmentation looks natural. One of the mini-trends that has occurred in the area of breast enhancement is the desire for smaller, more natural-looking results. Breast augmentation is not one-size-fits-all. It is a procedure that we tailor to each patient to accentuate their natural body frame and proportions. The process is comprehensive, involving choices in breast implant type, size, shape, texture, and projection.

Achieve Your Best Shape

Trends may come and go, but when you create the shape that is a perfect fit with your personality, lifestyle, and body frame, your unique beauty will always be in style. We are proud to offer friendly, professional care in our Austin plastic surgery office. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Trussler, call (512) 450-1077.

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