Gummy Bear Breast Implants Austin, TX

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Austin, TX

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Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the United States. Dr. Trussler offers significant experience with this procedure and utilizes cutting-edge technology and breast implants to give his patients natural and long-lasting results. Breast augmentation with new Gummy Bear breast implants can give a natural look with decreased risk of scarring around the breast implant because of the cohesive nature of the silicone.

Breast Augmentation with a Gummy Bear breast implant gives women who are self-conscious about the size and shape of their breasts the same easy surgical option for improvement with the added benefit of a decreased risk of implant problems.

What Are My Breast Implants Options?

Women elect to undergo cosmetic breast augmentation for many different reasons, including enhancing size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts, as well as correcting congenital deformities and reversing the effects of pregnancy on the breasts.

Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Trussler offers multiple styles, shapes, and sizes of Gummy Bear or highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants. During your breast augmentation consult, the right breast implant to meet your individual goals will be selected. Whether you would like a small enhancement to replace the volume lost through pregnancy, or adding significant volume that you have never had, the right implant is available for you. Gummy Bear Breast implants come in many different sizes and shapes.

gummy bear implants austin, texas

Dr. Trussler’s will help guide your choice of breast implant which varies with a multitude of factors. Your options will be discussed during your breast augmentation consult.

What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy Bear Breast Implants are cohesive silicone gel units with the consistency of a gummy bear. They are either:

  • smooth or textured
  • round or anatomic (teardrop)

All gummy bear implant types are safe and offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Breast implant specialist Andrew Trussler will help you decide which breast implant shape is right for you.

The location and length of the scar will be discussed as well, with the most common location being in the lower breast fold for Gummy Bear Implants.

  • Gummy Bear Breast implants are commonly placed under the muscle, though placement above the muscle may be an option for a minority of patients.

Before surgery, a small range of breast implant sizes will be selected for the operation. During surgery, Dr. Trussler will typically place temporary breast sizes in the new breast implant pocket to ensure the final implant decision is correct.

Sizers in the placement of breast implants is similar to trying on a pair of shoes, with the final size being the long-lasting implant placed in the operation.

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How is Breast Augmentation Performed with Gummy Bear Implants?

  • The breast augmentation procedure lasts about one hour and is typically performed with general anesthesia.
  • For most Gummy Bear Implants the incisions are made in inconspicuous places on the breast to minimize scar visibility. The placement of the incisions are discussed pre-operatively and may be located in the crease on the underside of the breast (inframammary). With Gummy Bear Implants the incisions can be slightly longer.
  • The breast pocket is created through this incision, most commonly under the muscle, or over the muscle.
  • At this point, temporary breast implants are placed and the size and position of the breast implant are confirmed with the patient in the sitting position prior to choosing the final breast implant.
  • The final breast implant is placed in the breast pocket after removal of the temporary sizer and irrigation of the breast pocket with antibiotic irrigation.
  • No drains are used for primary breast augmentation surgery. The incisions are closed with internal sutures and covered with a clear plastic dressing.

What is the Recovery from Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation?

  • Most patients feel minor soreness in the chest region after the surgery.
  • Dr. Trussler does inject the area with a long-lasting local anesthetic to help with this discomfort for the first 8 hours.
  • Precise creation of the breast pocket and conservative breast implant sizing, all help to make your recovery easy.
  • Oral pain medication and anti-inflammatories are typically used for only one to two days after the operation.
  • Many patients return to work within the 2 to 3 days after the operation. Dr. Trussler does not limit arm movement after the operation.
  • The clear plastic dressing is removed after one week, as well as any sutures.
  • Implants exercises are started after one week. Post-operative pain, swelling, and sensitivity will diminish over the first few weeks. Cardiovascular exercise can be initiated after 2 weeks and heavier lifting, including yoga, after 4 weeks.
  • Scars from breast augmentation incisions will begin to fade in a few weeks and will continue to fade for months or years.

*Disclaimer: Results and individual patient experience may vary.

What Results Should I Expect from Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants?

Breast augmentation with Gummy Bear Breast Implants is an individual experience because not every patient is the same. Dr. Trussler knows that every woman is unique in both her goals, her body and her breast shape. With that in mind, Dr. Trussler takes the time during the pre-operative consultations to learn what each patient hopes to gain from breast augmentation surgery and to help guide which implant type and implant placement are best. In this way, every one of Dr. Trussler’s patients enjoys the peace of mind that moving forward with breast augmentation and breast augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants is the right decision designed with her specific goals in mind.

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