The Topic of Breast Implant Safety Revisited

Since the initial development of breast implants, these medical devices have held a prestigious position in cosmetic surgery. Women around the world have enjoyed the benefits of beautifully augmented breasts for many years now, and the world of breast implant surgery has continued to improve. New implant devices have been developed over the years. Together… Read More »

Rhinoplasty FAQs

Rhinoplasty FAQs

What are the risks involved with rhinoplasty? Nose surgery is one of the original cosmetic surgeries, the first modern cosmetic nose surgery being performed around 1890. It is a very common surgery today, but it is surgery and carries certain risks with it. There are the risks involved with any surgery: infection, excessive bleeding, reaction… Read More »

Nonsurgical Nose Job Austin, TX

Is a Nonsurgical Nose Job Right for You?

Historically, if a person wanted their nose to be straighter, smaller, smoother, and all-around more fitting for their face, they would have to undergo surgery. Rhinoplasty is a beneficial procedure that is still popular today. However, many patients now have the opportunity to choose whether they prefer to refine their nose without surgery. Patients of… Read More »

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