Not Happy With Your First Nose Job? A Revision May Help


If you’ve had a primary rhinoplasty but aren’t pleased with the results, you may be a candidate for a revision procedure. There are many reasons why your initial surgery may not have gone as planned. Perhaps there was inadequate removal of certain areas, unexpected scar tissue formation, anatomical factors that made the operation more complex, or simply surgical error.

The good news is that talented surgeons can often correct issues from a first rhinoplasty with a thoughtful revision. The key is pinpointing the problem areas and developing a customized plan to address them. Patience is also paramount, as healing from revision rhinoplasty takes even longer than a primary one. But in many cases, the potential benefits make it worthwhile to consider a redo.

What Exactly Does a Revision Rhinoplasty Entail?

The specific steps involved in a revision depend greatly on the reasons you’re unhappy with your first nose job. But in general, the surgeon will assess the current appearance and function of your nose, identify trouble spots, and decide which techniques can improve the situation. Some common revision procedures include:

  • Refining irregularities or asymmetric areas
  • Reducing excess cartilage or bone
  • Reconstructing collapsed segments
  • Using grafts to increase projection or rotate the tip
  • Removing scar tissue formations

The operation itself is quite similar to a primary rhinoplasty, just often more intricate. And postoperative care doesn’t change much either. You can expect around a week of bruising and swelling before improvements become visible.

Why Choose an Experienced Specialist?

Because revision rhinoplasty is complex, it’s vital to choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in these redo procedures. Surgeons with higher volumes and years of specialty training are simply more equipped to handle the intricacies. They also better understand the structural implications of your original surgery and how to work with existing modifications.

Additionally, an expert will take all steps necessary to minimize risks and form realistic expectations about potential outcomes. Be extremely wary of any surgeons guaranteeing dramatic results or pressuring you to undergo a revision before you’re ready. Instead, look for someone who listens attentively and outlines individualized options.

Take Control of Your Options Today

If your initial nose job didn’t go according to plan, don’t lose hope. Schedule a consultation to find out if a thoughtful revision rhinoplasty is right for you. Call the office of Andrew Trussler, MD, in Austin, TX, at 512-450-1077 to schedule an appointment. His team will determine what’s feasible and help you make fully educated decisions about moving forward.

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