The Basics of Bariatric Body Contouring


Bariatric surgery has been a lifesaver for certain patients, taking away the pounds that can lead to anything from heart complications to diabetes. However, after losing a lot of weight, they’re often left with excess skin that hangs off their body. Standard diet and weight loss will typically not tighten the skin back up after this procedure, bariatric body contouring can be the key to removing the skin and reshaping the muscles.

How Does Bariatric Body Contouring Work?

Bariatric body contouring removes the skin and fatty tissues in different body parts. It can also tighten the muscles, making your profile sleeker and more sculpted. The term combines different procedures, including tummy tucks and lifts to the arms, thighs, or breasts, to achieve the best results. A doctor may even recommend liposuction as a part of the treatment to remove fat deposits that otherwise can’t be removed through diet.

Skin that sags is transformed after the procedure, leaving you with a firmer, tauter body. If you’re interested in this surgery, it’s important to know that the patient is typically required to maintain a stable weight for at least a year or more. In some cases, you may be able to have just one surgery, though it’s important to know that not all procedures can be combined.

What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

The biggest health benefit of body contouring is the reduction of skin infections. Excess skin can also decrease physical discomfort for those tired of feeling it constantly chafe. Body contouring is also excellent for relieving disappointment after a major surgery, particularly if the patient struggled with their appearance beforehand.

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