What Exactly is a Lip Lift?


If you feel your upper lip lacks fullness or is too small for your liking, a lip lift could be an option to consider. A lip lift is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes your upper lip so that more of your actual lip shows. It involves a small incision under your nose and removing a tiny strip of skin right below your nasal septum. This elevates your upper lip, revealing more pink lips instead of that strip of skin between your nose and upper lip. The results are very natural-looking, just slightly more upper lip fullness.

Am I a Good Candidate?

So, how do you know if a lip lift is right for you?

  • The best candidates have a long area of skin between their nose and upper lip.
  • They want to show more lips rather than just skin.
  • Their upper lip lacks definition from their nose down to the top of the colored part of their lip.

If these describe you, and you want a subtle enhancement, a lip lift could be perfect to create more harmony between your features.

It’s also ideal if you have some natural fullness in your lower lip that you want your top lip to match better. The procedure really just unveils more of your actual lip that is hiding under the skin. So, the more lip fullness you already have underneath, the better results a lift can give. People without enough actual lip fullness are better candidates for fillers instead of surgery.

What is Recovery Like?

Recovery is fairly quick after a lip lift. There will be swelling and bruising, but that resolves within about two weeks. Most people feel comfortable going out publicly about 7 to 10 days after the procedure once the swelling goes down. There will be a small scar under the base of your nose that fades quickly. Plus, your lip enhancement will balance out the scar, so it is hardly noticeable.

Your upper lip will feel slightly numb for a few months since nerve endings are disrupted. But you will retain full mobility. The whole recovery is less than fillers since there are no repeat injections needed. Just one and done!

Should I Consider This?

If you want subtle yet permanent lip enhancement without the hassle of regular lip injections, a lip lift may be worthwhile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew Trussler in Austin, TX, to discuss whether you’re a good candidate. Give the office a call at 512-450-1077 to book an appointment and learn more details. You could walk away with the exact lip profile you’ve always envisioned.

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