Is a Nonsurgical Nose Job Right for You?

Nonsurgical Nose Job  Austin, TXHistorically, if a person wanted their nose to be straighter, smaller, smoother, and all-around more fitting for their face, they would have to undergo surgery. Rhinoplasty is a beneficial procedure that is still popular today. However, many patients now have the opportunity to choose whether they prefer to refine their nose without surgery. Patients of our Austin office can explore the option of a non-surgical nose job in a safe, comfortable environment.

Details to Know

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty isn’t just for bumps.

When the nonsurgical rhinoplasty technique first became available, the perception was that this treatment was only relevant for people who had a pronounced bump on the bridge of their nose. The filling in of the space around a bump on the bridge of the nose is still common, of course, but there is more to treatment than that. Dermal fillers can be injected into areas of the nose to lift a drooping nasal tip, correct mild crookedness, and raise certain indentations or scars.

Even a nonsurgical nose job can be dangerous.

The nose is quite delicate. This part of the face does not have the same blood supply as other areas. The relatively weak blood supply to the nose could be disrupted by injections just as it can be during surgical rhinoplasty. The risk of disruption to blood supply increases if a person has had previous nose surgery. What is important to understand is that a non-surgical nose job can be extremely successful when performed by a provider who is very familiar with the structure of the nose, including blood vessels. Treatment is an investment; it is not something to shop around for the best deal.

There are several benefits of nonsurgical rhinoplasty, including:

  • No downtime
  • Minimal side effects, if any
  • Dramatic results can be achieved
  • Results are immediate
  • Treatment is convenient and comfortable
  • Results can last a year or longer
  • Changes can be reversed in most cases

There’s a Lot That a Nonsurgical Nose Job Can Do, and Some Things it Can’t

Many people are great candidates for nonsurgical rhinoplasty and find this option appealing due to the lack of anesthesia and downtime. However, there are limitations to what can be achieved by injecting dermal filler into the nose. It is important to receive treatment from a provider who knows what those limitations are.

Learn more about nonsurgical rhinoplasty to see if this option is right for you. Contact our Austin office at (512) 450-1077 to schedule your consultation.

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