Why a Mommy Makeover Isn’t Just about Your Body

Mommy Makeover, TXWhen you look at other mothers, especially those in the public eye, do you ever wonder how they possibly look so good? We may observe some women, like Giselle, and covet their genetic makeup. At the same time, we know there’s something else going on, too. Many of the women who make motherhood look like a breeze in terms of cosmetic appearance have tricks up their sleeve. You can, too.

Today, we hear a lot about the Mommy Makeover process. When we do, we are usually educated on how certain procedures can sculpt the body. Techniques like liposuction and abdominoplasty are great for regaining body confidence, but there’s more to feeling great than correcting concerns like excess abdominal fat. In our Austin plastic surgery office, many moms are considering how a facelift can subtly transform their appearance to revive their energetic vibe.

Benefits of a Facelift

As much as the body changes in response to the hormones of motherhood so do the tissue on the face and neck. A facelift can correct the signs of aging in a way that doesn’t require consistent upkeep. The long-lasting results achieved with a surgical lift may be a primary benefit to be gained from this technique. Moms are busy. They also have a tendency to put the needs of others above their own. Lifting the jowls and restoring a bit of curve to the cheeks improves the vibe of the face for years without the need to constantly plan follow-up treatments.

When a facelift is added onto a Mommy Makeover package, there is also the benefit of cost-effectiveness. Undergoing a minor lift alongside breast augmentation or body contouring means one time under anesthesia, a one-time fee from the surgical facility, and fewer office visit costs. The combination of procedures also saves time in the long run because there is only one recovery period.

A facelift is not only about looking younger. One of the most significant findings in recent studies points out that a woman who undergoes a facelift typically looks friendlier after her procedure. This could be because tissue repositioning in the midface may slightly raise the corners of the mouth and accentuate the eyes without any surgical intervention to the eyelids themselves. A friendly appearance is important to mothers, those whom we expect to show kindness and patients nearly all the time.

Treat Yourself Well

Of all people, it may be most difficult for moms to treat themselves with the utmost care. Undergoing cosmetic surgery may feel overly-indulgent. And yet, it is this very thing that can provide a mother with the resurgence of energy and confidence she deserves.

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