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Tummy Tuck: Full or Mini?

Tummy tuck surgery is undoubtedly one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available today. More than 130,000 people undergo this surgery every year in the United States. Though popular, many of the people who undergo tummy tuck surgery come into their journey with more questions than they thought they might have. One of the… Read More »

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Will I have Curves After My Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck surgery, is an excellent way for a person to slim the contours of their midsection. But will this procedure produce curves that resemble an hourglass? We’ll discuss that potential here.  What Can a Tummy Tuck Do? The primary objective of tummy tuck surgery is to restore a flat, taut… Read More »

Exploring Reasons for a Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, is a popular procedure that corrects loose, sagging abdominal tissue. To consider having this surgery is a very personal journey. Many people mull over the pros and cons of a tummy tuck for several months before scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon. When people first begin to think about… Read More »

Reasons for a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery, also referred to as abdominoplasty, is a popular plastic surgery procedure that is performed to improve the contours of the midsection. Abdominoplasty is sought by men and women in various life stages who are interested in having a slimmer, flatter stomach. Here, we outline a few of the common situations that lead… Read More »

What to Expect After Your Tummy Tuck

Undergoing plastic surgery to improve your appearance is a big decision. Once you’ve chosen to move forward with a procedure like a tummy tuck, you may immediately begin envisioning your future life. You may be thinking about the clothes you will wear and how you will feel in them. You may be imagining how you… Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Mini-Tummy Tuck and a Full Tummy Tuck?

A mini-tummy tuck, or mini-abdominoplasty, is a deceptive plastic surgery term that often confuses patients. In this era of minimally invasive and non-invasive body contouring procedures, patients are attracted to the thought of a smaller and less invasive procedure. A mini-tummy tuck is typically a buzz word for many patients seeking body contouring, but only… Read More »

Abdominoplasty—Explore Your Options

Abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck, is a procedure that can give you a flatter, smoother, more attractive stomach. During a tummy tuck, extra skin is removed, fatty deposits are thinned out, and abdominal muscles are tightened. Keep reading to learn more about your options and find out if abdominoplasty is right for you. What… Read More »

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