Options for Lip Augmentation: Look Within Yourself

The most common method for lip augmentation is volumetric fillers such as hyaluronic acid gels like Juvederm® or Restylane®. They really are the first line choice for patients and cosmetic plastic surgeons.

I prefer hyaluronic acid gel fillers for the lip and for lip augmentation in Austin Texas because they are reliable, safe and easy to use.

  • Hylauronic acid based fillers can be dissolved with Vitrase® (Hyaluronidase)

However, hyaluronic acid gels are not permanent and need to be re-injected every 6 to 8 months to maintain lip volume. This can be costly over time and patients may seek longer lasting options. One thing that I have found is that with gel fillers, if you maintain your volume with frequent small volume fills there is a long lasting result.
The options for longer lasting lip augmentation include:

  • Autologous tissue from your own body, including fat, collagen and fascia.
  • Allograft biologic implants which are collagen implants from cadaver or animal sources.
  • Synthetic implants such as silicone lip implants.

The problem with allograft lip augmentation is they seem to resorb quickly (not long lasting), can become infected, and are expensive. Synthetic implants are convenient and when they work provide a long lasting, natural result, though they are fraught with complications of infection, scarring, and malposition.
For another lip augmentation option a patient can look within their own body for a filler source such as fat injections, collagen implants from tendon and fascia form the face. These options can provide long lasting and natural results, which are safe and not prone to infection. The one downside is that the autologous material needs to be harvested from another region in the body called a donor site and usually needs to be done in the operating room.

  • Fat for fat injections is harvested from usually an abdominal fat deposit with liposuction and then injected into the lips.
  • Collagen implants can be fashioned from an expendable tendon in the wrist (Palmaris Longus Tendon) and then threaded through the lip.
  • Fascial grafts are usually harvested from tissue removed in a facelift and placed in the lip at the same time as the facial procedure.

Lip Lifts can help to shape the upper lip through a nasal incision and can be used in combination with a volumetric lip filler.

Mucosal Advancements can help to provide a pocket for autologous fillers through an incision inside the mouth.
These autologous lip augmentation techniques are offered by Dr. Trussler in his plastic surgery office in Austin, Texas. The decision for lip augmentation is an individual choice and Dr. Trussler can help guide you through the process.

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