Five Common Procedures Performed with a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is a common procedure performed in plastic surgery. It can be used to improve the shape and the function of the nose. In conjunction with a rhinoplasty there are numerous procedures that can be performed during the same surgery to improve the ultimate satisfaction of the procedure.
1. Septoplasty: the straightening or removal of a portion of the central cartilage and bone of the nose. A septoplasty can improve the function of the nose because a deviated septum can block the airflow through the nose, as well a deviated septum can be the cause of a crooked nose. Straightening the septum can help to straighten the nose. The cartilage and bone removed from the septoplasty can be used in the rhinoplasty as grafts which add structure to the nose.
2. Chin implant placement helps to improve the shape of the face , which combined with a rhinoplasty can improve the cosmetic satisfaction of the patient. A chin implant is placed through a small incision under the chin. They are usually silicone and placed directly on the bone and sized appropriately to fit the face. The procedure may add an hour to the rhinoplasty procedure and is well worth performing at the time of the operation.
3. Turbinate reduction can help improve airflow through the nose. There are three rows of turbinates in the nose, and the lowest row can be enlarged reflexively from a deviated septum. Reducing the turbinates can be performed with cautery, out-fracturing the small bones, and/or removing them. Turbinate reduction can significantly affect the function of the nose, but can increase the rate of bleeding after the surgery and dryness in the nose.
4.Cartlage grafts can help improve the shape of the nose and can help with the function of the nose. The cartilage is typically used from septum, but additional cartilage can be attained from the ear or the rib. Grafts can be placed in the tip of the nose for cosmetic refinements, or in the middle zone of the nose to help expand the airway.
5. Upper lip lowering procedure can be performed directly from the open rhinoplasty incision. It helps to lower the upper lip which sometimes is pulled up with an up turned nose or a nose with a strong nasal tip. It releases the attachments of the muscles which bring the lip up and provides a very natural appearing upper lip shape.

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