For Younger Looking Eyes, It May be Necessary to Lift the Brows

It is no secret that the eyes are an important aspect of the face. The appearance of the eyes indicates our mood, our personality, and even our general health. When the eyes start showing the signs of aging, the appearance of the face can become unbalanced. It can be difficult to prevent aging eyes. In this area, the skin is extremely delicate. Additionally, the aging that occurs in the upper area of the face may look like it is the eyes when, really, it is the forehead and brow. Here, we discuss some suggestions for addressing aging eyes that correct the direct cause of cosmetic changes. 

Common Treatments for Droopy Eyes

The way that we treat droopy, hooded, tired-looking eyes may look different in every case. One of the common strategies that adults should begin to employ as early as possible is to wear sunscreen daily, remembering to carefully apply to the upper and lower eyelids. Another is to use high quality skincare products made just for the delicate eyelid skin. These habits should continue even when the signs of aging do appear and require some professional help. 

Professional treatments to rejuvenate the eyes may include surgical and nonsurgical techniques. Non-surgically, a doctor may administer Botox or dermal fillers. Botox, as well as Dysport and Xeomin, are used to relax muscles that are pulling the skin into creases. For example, frown lines are often smoothed away using a neuromodulator like Botox. Dermal fillers can rejuvenate the eyes by reducing the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags. On the surgical side, patients often consider blepharoplasty as a way to refresh their eyes. The problem is, though, that the real starting point of eyelid woes could be the forehead and brow. 

Brow Lift for Younger Eyes

A smooth forehead has strong structural integrity. This can diminish over time as the skin and underlying layers of tissue lose collagen and elastin. The skin becomes lax and less stretchy. As a result, the entire upper third of the face can droop. Drooping eyebrows press downward onto the upper eyelids, causing the eyes to look angry, sad, or just plain tired. Laxity across the forehead also results in horizontal lines, which we get from unconsciously using the forehead muscles to lift the heavy brow.

There are two ways to correct a sagging brow. One is to inject a neuromodulator into the muscle that has become too tense. Relaxing the muscle can provide a subtle lift to the brow. For more significantly brow ptosis, a surgeon may recommend a brow lift. This outpatient procedure is advantageous because it can shape the brow line and reduce the hooding that is aging the eyes. Brow lift surgery may be combined with upper or lower blepharoplasty as needed to achieve an optimal outcome. 

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