How to Get the Most From Your Facelift

Facelift surgery accomplishes a lot for those who are ready to get serious about the signs of aging. This procedure has been popular for many years, though we’re seeing a few significant changes in how people approach their facial rejuvenation. First, we are performing facelift surgery on younger patients these days. Studies have found that a person who has a facelift in their forties or fifties tends to enjoy longer-lasting results. This isn’t because they have surgery sooner but because, when they have surgery, they also still have relatively good skin elasticity. The firmness and stretchiness of the skin support long-term rejuvenation. Another trend we’re seeing is to combine other treatments with a facelift. Here, we discuss a few, and why they can be advantageous to your facelift outcome. 

Dermal Fillers

After your facelift, your jowls may be gone, and those stubborn nasolabial folds, too. So, why would you want dermal fillers? Aren’t these products supposed to be an alternative to a facelift? No! They are a great complement! A facelift repositions deeper layers of tissue to recreate a more angular, youthful jawline and lower face. Dermal fillers can enhance what has been achieved by boosting the volume of your cheeks, temples, or lips. All of these areas can deflate or become slightly hollow with age. With dermal fillers, your facelift can look better for longer. 

HALO Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Aging isn’t all about the lines and wrinkles and sagging jawline. It is also about the sun damage that can accumulate over the years. Issues like fine lines, spots, rough skin, and enlarged pores all contribute to looking older. A facelift cannot eliminate these concerns, but lasers do a great job of it. Most people achieve outstanding improvements with 1 or 2 HALO treatments, enjoying a revival of radiance and softness that can last years. 


A softening, sagging jawline is only one of several ways in which facial deflation and descent affects appearance. Submental fullness is also a common complaint. The accumulation of fatty tissue beneath the chin has relatively little to do with overall weight. It has a lot to do with the changes in the skin and underlying tissue. Kybella injections target fat cells for full and permanent destruction. This treatment, combined with your facelift, can restructure the frame of your face to look slimmer, firmer, and younger. 

Your Austin, TX plastic surgeon can develop a unique treatment plan to address the various ways in which your face has changed due to aging. Call (512) 450-1077 today to schedule your consultation for facial rejuvenation.  

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