Otoplasty: Natural Shape to the Prominent Ear

Over projecting or prominent ears are significant congenital ear deformities that are a source of teasing and social embarrassment for a young child. The prominent ear can be present at birth and can be molded at a very early age (younger than 6 weeks) with a simple soft hat or headband. After this time, the… Read More »

Secondary Breast Augmentation: Correcting the “Bottomed-Out” Breast Implant.

Breast implants can drop too much. This is referred to as “bottoming-out” and usually gives the appearance of breast sagging. The difference between true breast sagging or ptosis versus bottoming-out, is that nipple position is usually preserved in the bottomed out implant where as in the sagging breast the nipple position is low. The reason… Read More »

What is Buttock augmentation? Review of Techniques

What are the different types of buttock augmentation? Buttock augmentation is becoming a very popular procedure in the United States. There are multiple types of buttock augmentation, which increase the volume and change the shape of the buttock: buttock implants, fat grafting to the buttocks, butt lift with autologous augmentation. Depending on the amount of… Read More »

Hollywood Plastic Surgery: Quick Facts on the Quick Fix

Stand in line at any grocery store and you will either see or be directed towards “bad” celebrity plastic surgery. Everyone is familiar with the “Jerry Jones Facelift” or the”Kenny Rogers Eyelid Surgery” because they are celebrity faces that are frequently exposed to the public eye and photo documented at different stages of healing. There… Read More »

New laser hair removal: Fast and easy

Laser hair removal or selective photothermolysis has just been revolutionized with the LightSheer Duet platform by Lumenis, Ltd. The system has two hand-pieces for different areas: one that is smaller with a cooling shield and a larger one that actually has a vacuum-assist. Both the cooling shield and the vacuum make the laser very comfortable,… Read More »

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