Why a Facelift May Not Be What You Think

facelift Austin, TXThe facelift procedure has existed for several decades. This cosmetic surgery has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women get back something they feared lost: their youthful attractiveness. Unfortunately, the longevity of surgical facial rejuvenation has also meant that we’ve gotten to see the downside. The idea that a facelift will result in an obviously tightened and lifted appearance (we won’t name names) could inhibit a person from deciding to undergo treatment that could potentially improve their entire quality of life.

If you’ve become stuck in your decision regarding facial rejuvenation, and injectables are not providing you with the same results they used to, or that you’d like, we want to encourage you to consider what a surgical facelift can do. The performance of this procedure has evolved quite a bit in recent years. Paying close attention to a few key nuances, your experienced cosmetic surgeon can restore youthfulness without impeding natural appeal. Here’s how . . .

  • Less lifting can lead to a better overall result. Surgeons have realized that taking too much skin is simply too much. The facelift technique that is applied today focuses on where tissue should be, not on minimizing the effects of future aging. For example, a facelift lifts just enough tissue to reposition the eyebrows along the upper orbital rim, not inches above that. Minimal skin removal also leaves room for the next key point in staying natural.
  • The filling is as important as lifting. When you look at a naturally youthful face, you don’t see extremely tight skin. What you see are firmness and contouring. Aging often flattens our features, especially the cheeks. To restore balanced beauty, a facelift may also involve fat injections or dermal filler injections in key areas such as the cheeks and or temples.
  • Attention to individuality. The facelift procedure, when approached by an experienced surgeon, is anything but cookie-cutter. Every face has its structure, and aging occurs differently in all of us. Planning is a precision process that allows us to fully customize this surgical procedure to each patient.

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