Why NOW is the Time to Think about Your Summer Body

Body Contouring Austin, TXWe’re about to enter a busy holiday season, which has many of us considering Botox and other injectables to keep us looking our best. The very idea of thinking about the upcoming summer – still months away – may sound more than a little strange. Where what we often see, though. The holiday season is busy, and we are thinking more about facial esthetics because we’re wearing heavier clothing (which wonderfully hides evidence of all those holiday cookies). It may not be until after Spring Break time when we start to think about the clothing we want to wear when the weather heats up. Next thing you know, all hope of the ideal slim figure we had are being pushed off until next year.

Procrastination is not your friend when it comes to your summer body. Here are three simple reasons why now is a great time to start planning the body-sculpting procedure you want.

  1. You need your Dream Team. Body-contouring with liposuction and abdominoplasty needs to be carefully performed. You want to take your time choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon for all the right reasons. Rushing this important step due to a time-crunch or a special offer could mean that you experience more stress than necessary throughout your process. You need to feel comfortable with your surgeon, your treatment options, and all other aspects of your surgery. This means you need to take your time.
  2. You want scheduling options. The farther in advance you can start to look at the timing of your surgery, the better. More possible dates are always better when you are coordinating your schedule for the day of surgery and your recovery period.
  3. You want a great reveal. All forms of body contouring take time. Results typically do not peak for several weeks after surgical body-sculpting due to the natural bruising and swelling that occur. To wait until Springtime to schedule liposuction or abdominoplasty could mean postponing your full entry into a confident summer season.

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