So That’s Why People Think I’m Clever! A Breakdown of Facial Shapes.

facial plastic surgeryWhen we were young, we may have been taught to never judge a book by its cover. This is all well and fine to teach little humans not to be judgmental. However, it’s simple human nature to quickly reach conclusions about others based solely on their appearance. This habits dates back to the beginning of existence. It is so ingrained in the human psyche that we make assessments without even knowing it!

Think you don’t? How about the last time you met someone with a very “weak” chin; one that was barely there, as if other facial features could simply slide right of the face because there is nothing there to stop them. Yes. Ok. With that in mind, consider what you may have thought about that person. Did you subconsciously think they were not the kind to make a fuss, or to stand up for themselves? Chances are, someplace inside, you did.

Facial shape has, for centuries, been a topic of interest. Every feature, according to ancient wisdom, equates to an intellectual trait. For instance:

The Forehead

  • A flat forehead means you are forward-thinking.
  • An indented forehead indicates that you are ambitious, but may be quick-tempered, as well.
  • A person with a wide forehead is perceived as practical and clever.
  • If the forehead is high and rounded, expect loads of ideas from this creative type.

Facial Shape

  • A square face indicates dominance and ambition, as well as a quick temper.
  • A round face is indicative of caring and sensitivity, as well as an emotional nature.
  • The triangular face suggests an energetic nature, at least as long as limited stamina can manage.
  • The oblong face shape suggests that one may work too much, and has a practical nature.

The list goes on and on. Small eyes say that you are introverted. A straight nose suggests that you are successful, and fleshy cheeks invite others to your warm-hearted spirit.

You may not completely buy into the whole idea of face-reading as the ancients did, but even modern scientific research points to a connection between facial features and the way we are perceived. This is one of the many reasons why so many men and women seek the care they need to perfect their angular facial features!
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