What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants: Are they right for me?

Gummy bear breast implants are fifth generation silicone filled breast implants. Another term used for them is highly cohesive gel silicone breast implants. They are relatively new to the breast implant market, and have been rigorously tested in the United States and used in Europe for many years.

The term “Gummy Bear” breast implant is catchy and fun, but how did it get that name?

The cohesiveness of the silicone made the implant firmer and more solid than the fourth generation silicone gel.It gave the feel of a soft gummy bear and the name caught on. The cohesiveness of the silicone makes it even less likely to “bleed” out of the shell or spread if the shell ruptures. Silicone is rather inert, but can cause an inflammatory reaction leading to scarring around the implant. This scarring may be the first indication that the breast implant is ruptured and this was the driving force behind the FDA recommendation of an MRI to follow the fourth generation breast implants to detect silent implant ruptures. The gummy bear breast implants are one cohesive unit with the shell and internal silicone all adherent and if the shell ruptures there is no separation of the implant.

The new breast implants do come in different shapes and sizes. The classic gummy bear implant is a textured and anatomic or tear drop shaped implant. The texturing is necessary to hold the implant in its anatomic position and prevent rotation. Smooth or textured round implants are available.

These are produced by three different breast implant companies in the US: Mentor®, Allergan®, and Sientra®. Each companies implants do have differences and nuances, but all are safe and effective if placed properly.

For placement of gummy bear implants:

  • A precise breast pocket must be created to avoid rotation and shearing of the implant.
  • They are primarily still placed under the pectoralis muscle.
  • A larger incision is needed to accurately place the implant and this is commonly made in the breast fold.

Gummy bear breast implants are not for every patient, though many patients like the idea of the newest and greatest breast implant.

Who is a good candidate for an anatomic textured implant?

  • Primary breast augmentation in an athletic, small chested patient who desires a conservative volume increase with a natural breast shape.

Pros: natural shape, durable, low risk of scarring (capsular contracture).


  • They are more expensive than silicone gel implants
  • They require a larger incision
  • The firmness may be too unnatural to many women.

The anatomic breast implants do create some variability and risk in a relatively straightforward breast augmentation and in many patients the anatomic implant has no benefit.

Am I a good candidate for a “Gummy Bear Implant”?

Gummy bear implants may have a role in the thin, small chested athletic patient who is going to rely on a conservative sized breast implant for the majority of shape of the breast. If this patient will tolerate a longer scar and accept a more expensive implant, they would really benefit for the gummy bear implants.

  • Dr. Trussler is certified in Allergan 410 breast implants

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