Is Your Neck Sagging? These 3 Reasons Are Probably Why

Neck Lift

The skin eventually sags on most parts of the body. However, sagging skin on the neck is one of the most noticeable areas. Taut, tight, and wrinkle-free neck skin is a sign of a youthful appearance. Sagging skin can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to some people. While sagging skin is completely natural, some may wonder why it’s happening. Let’s go over the three primary reasons why sagging in the neck happens and how a neck lift can help.

Muscle Loss

Muscles have a large role to play in the appearance of your skin. Skin is very elastic and changes its appearance according to bone structure and muscles. Muscles are directly beneath the skin, and the skin often becomes tighter with larger muscles. This also applies inversely to muscle loss. Skin will appear looser with muscle loss. Muscle loss naturally occurs over time if the muscles aren’t being used or provided with nutrients. This can happen from medical conditions that affect the muscles, malnutrition,  being hospitalized or bedridden for a long period, or just a general lack of muscle use.

Sun Damage

While most people understand that the sun is not skin-friendly, it’s not common knowledge that sun damage can affect skin tightness. Skin is tight because of collagen and elastin. However, UV light can damage those fibers and cause loose skin over time. It’s best to avoid the sun and always apply sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher to prevent this.


Aging is the most prominent cause of loose skin. As mentioned before, collagen and elastin cause the skin to remain healthy and tight. Human production of collagen and elastin drastically reduce as we age. This is what leads to loose skin.

How To Help a Sagging Neck

Unfortunately, age will always cause the skin to sag in some form. Thankfully, Dr. Andrew Trussler provides neck lift services as a way to get rid of sagging skin on the neck. Dr. Trussler understands that you want to look as youthful as possible and bring attention back to your face. That’s why he will assess your needs and develop a treatment plan to help you reach your skin goals. If you’re struggling with loose skin, then contact Dr. Trussler’s office at 512-450-1077 today.

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