What to Consider Before Your First Plastic Surgery Procedure

plastic surgeryWith 15 million people getting a plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure done in the United States every year alone, chances are you may be considering joining that statistic. However, even if you have reached some conclusion on the procedure or area you would like to work on, let’s take a moment to consider some overlooked areas before your first procedure.

Keep Your Expectations in Check 

Plastic and cosmetic surgery have advanced exponentially, both in the number of surgeries performed and also in the technology and medical expertise applied. Now, more than ever is the safest time to get plastic surgery and achieve your best results. Though plastic surgery can perform miracles such as fighting against aging, reversing the effects of injury, or even helping you reach your aesthetic goals, plastic surgery is not magic.

Consider the Timing

Though some procedures have virtually no downtime, other procedures certainly do. And if you undergo a set of procedures, for example, what happens typically during a mommy makeover, you will most certainly experience disruptions to your routine as you heal. Not only must you factor in rest and recovery periods when looking at your calendar but you also have to consider the timing as it relates to your life. If you’re still planning on growing your family through pregnancy or are still nursing, it’s best to wait until your body faces some consistency to get the most out of plastic surgery.

Check the Surgeon’s Qualifications

Depending on the procedure, not all of them need to be performed by a surgeon certified in plastic surgery. For the best results and ease of mind, it’s best to go to someone you can trust and whose experience and results speak for themselves.

If you’re in the Austin area, you’re in luck because Dr. Tussler is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has a specialty in cosmetic surgery. From publications to surgeries, Dr. Tussler knows plastic surgery and will help answer any questions. If you’re ready to get your first plastic surgery procedure, have your first be the best! Call us at 512-450-1077.

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