I think I broke my nose! What do I do?

I think I broke my nose! What do I do?

Accidents happen and when they involve your face it usually gets your attention!

A broken nose can happen with falls, car accidents, fights and playing sports. Direct blows to the nose are the usual causes.

One good indication that you have broken your nose after one of these insults is that it bleeds(epistaxis). Other indications of a broken nose is that the nose appears: crooked, swollen and/or bruised.

If you think you have broken your nose, get evaluated by a physician, usually in an urgent care or emergency room to make sure you don’t have any other serious injuries like a neck or spine injury or other broken facial bones.

  • The bleeding from the nose should be stopped with standard methods such as ice and elevation.

The nose can be palpated for appreciable broken bones and the nostrils should be evaluated for evidence of a hematoma along the septum or middle part of the nose.

  • Xrays and CT scans can be helpful in visualizing where the nose is broken.

After the initial evaluation, you should be referred to a specialist who can treat a broken nose or nasal fracture, either a plastic surgeon or ENT. The broken bones and septum can be reset if they are deviated and should be done within one week of the injury. This usually requires a very short general anesthesia.

Recovery from a closed nasal fracture reduction is less than a week and any splint and tape are removed at the first follow-up visit.

  • There is a greater than 85% chance that the nose can be replaced to its normal position after the nasal bone reduction.

If deviation and/or breathing problems persist after the initial accident or after the nasal fracture reduction, a definitive septorhinoplasty can be performed after 6 to 8 weeks of the injury.

Components of a Septorhinoplasty:

  • Septoplasty
  • Cartilage Graft Harvest
  • Osteotomy
  • Inferior turbinate reduction
  • Internal cartilage grafting
  • Cartilage supporting sutures

Dr. Trussler, a plastic surgeon with advanced rhinoplasty (nose job) experience is available to evaluate and treat your broken nose in his plastic surgery practice in Austin, Texas.

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