Liposuction for Men: Most Common Areas

Liposuction is a very common plastic procedure for both men and women. The most common treatment areas differ for the majority of female and male patients.

  • Women often seek liposuction of the hips and thighs, where men commonly request liposuction of the chest and abdomen. This is likely from the different pattern of fat deposition secondary to hormone differences and genetic fat storage.

Fat deposition relates to those persistent areas that are resistant to diet and exercise which are commonly addressed by liposuction.

  • Ideal patients for liposuction are those with focal areas of noticeable fat deposition and good, undamaged overlying skin.
  • Men typically have thicker skin quality than women and are more commonly better candidates for liposuction alone rather than liposuction combined with excisional procedures such as a tummy tuck.
  • Stretch from weight gain and pregnancy may thin and permanently damage skin. Stretch marks are indicative of permanent skin damage and is a good indicator that liposuction alone is not the best option because of poor skin recoil over the areas of treatment.

Hormones and steroids can accentuate both fat deposition and stretch marks.

The male patient who has a healthy regimen of diet and exercise who presents with focal and resistant areas of fat deposit and good overlying skin quality may benefit greatly from a liposuction procedure. Active and athletic male patients often look for liposuction to treat areas that vigorous exercise and responsible diets will not improve. For men, the lower and central abdomen, as well as the chest are very common persistent areas of fat deposition.

  • Areas to be treated are accessed through small liposuction ports which are distant, inconspicuous incisions
  • Areas are infiltrated with fluid containing saline, epinephrine and lidocaine. This cuts down on localized bruising and blood loss.
  • Using a regular cannula (SAL) or a cannula that releases ultrasound energy (UAL), the fat is broken up, melted, and then sucked out.
  • Finer cannuals can help to define and sculpt these areas.
  • The liposuction ports are closed with fine sutures
  • The areas of treatment are compressed with a special liposuction garment which is worn for at least 1 week.

Areas of liposuction can be thinned and flattened. Compression helps to limit the swelling and bruising after the procedure. This is commonly worm for 3 weeks.

  • Exercise can be resumed after 10 days.
  • Patients typically feel comfortable returning to work after a weekend off.

Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle after the procedure can ensure a long lasting body contouring result. Dr. Trussler in Austin Texas has significant experience with male body contouring and liposuction technology. Sitting down with Dr. Trussler and determining an individualized treatment plan in Austin Texas is the first step in eliminating these persistent areas of fat.

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