Male Chest Contouring: The role of an Upper Body Lift

Male Chest Contouring: The role of an Upper Body Lift

Male chest contouring is increasing in popularity. One of the most difficult steps is discussing your options with an experienced plastic surgeon. Most agree that liposuction plays a large role in male chest contouring and the surgical treatment of male gynecomastia, however there are men with excess breast tissue and excess skin likened to a females sagging breast. No matter what type of liposuction is used: ultrasonic, laser assisted, or standard liposuction there will not be adequate skin recoil or tightening to take up the skin excess. For these men with excess skin and excess tissue, an upper body lift may be offered which removes skin through a lower chest incision, repositions the nipple, and re-contours the central and outer chest. The advantage is it is a one stage procedure which completely corrects the effects of male gynecomastia and/or massive weight loss. The down side is that it does involve a larger incision and a longer recovery. Patient satisfaction is extremely high when performed on the patient who is healthy with realistic expectations. Dr. Trussler in Austin, Texas has significant experience with all types of male chest contouring, including the upper body lift. The first step in treating male gynecomastia and improving the contour of the chest is discussing your options during a consultation.

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