Body Lift Options for Men: The Belt Lipectomy

Body Lift Options for Men: The Belt Lipectomy

A body lift is a circumferential body contouring procedure that helps remove excess skin and fat around the waistline. Typically in women, this procedure shapes the abdomen and narrows the waistline, as well as lifting the outer thigh and buttock. When the same procedure is applied to the male torso, it could feminize the figure therefore a belt lipectomy is more appropriate for the male body after weight loss.

A belt lipectomy is composed of a circumferential removal of excess skin without the lifting and shaping of the body lift. If this procedure is applied to a female torso, which some plastic and cosmetic surgeons consider a body lift, the torso can be masculinized and left without any shape.

Each patient presenting for a body lift should be evaluated individually, with goals and limitations discussed so that the right procedure is performed. This is very true when developing a body lift plan for the male patient who typically presents after significant weight loss, either after diet and exercise, or post-bariatric surgery who has hanging skin extending to the flanks and back. The belt lipectomy will remove this hanging skin, slimming the waistline without tightening it. This can be a life changing operation for the male patient who suffers with finding appropriate clothes to cover the excess skin and who struggles with hygiene under the excess skin. The belt lipectomy operation is done under general anesthesia and takes approximately 3 hours to complete with a one night overnight stay.
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