Is a Buttock Lift the Same as a “Brazilian Butt-Lift” or Buttock Augmentation?

Is a Buttock Lift the Same as a “Brazilian Butt-Lift” or Buttock Augmentation?

Contouring of the buttock area has become an increasingly popular procedure in plastic surgery. Patients seeking buttock contouring typically want to reshape and enhance their buttocks.

This can be accomplished by multiple types of buttock contouring procedures

A buttock augmentation adds volume to the areas in the buttock lacking shape and projection.

Buttock augmentation is performed with fat injections, silicone implants, or with a auto-augmentation as part of a buttock lift.

This is the nebulous terminology in buttock contouring because fat injections to the buttock as part of a buttock augmentation is commonly referred to as a “Brazilian butt lift”.

Does it lift the buttock?

Not really! It can add projection and shape giving the buttock a “lifted” appearance, but really a true buttock lift is an excisional procedure where the sagging buttock is lifted and excess skin is removed through an arching upper buttock incision.

  • A buttock liftt can be combined with a buttock augmentation, which usually utilizes the tissue removed in the procedure.
  • The auto-augmentation creates an implant like mound of living buttock tissue which the lower skin is pulled up and over creating shape and volume to the buttock region.

This procedure is commonly performed with an outer thigh lift for the patient with excess sagging skin after significant weight loss. Dr. Trussler in Austin Texas can help to develop an individual contouring procedure for your buttock and outer thigh region.

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