What is a Breast Lift? Frequently asked questions.

A breast lift or mastopexy, is a very common procedure performed in plastic surgery. In its simplest form a breast lift repositions the nipple areola complex, or dark skin of the breast to a higher position, and reshapes the breast to eliminate sagging.

Who is a candidate for a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is designed for the woman who has lost the inherent support of the breast through stretching it out, usually through pregnancy, breast feeding, and/or weight gain and weight loss.

I have sagging of my breasts after breast augmentation, what can I do?

Breast implants do stretch the breast, and oversized implants stress the breast tissue and skin by adding excess weight to the breast. It is not uncommon that women seek a breast lift after an initial breast augmentation, either because:

  • they needed a breast lift in the first place and a large breast implant was only placed
  • the breast tissue stretched around the breast implant and has fallen off the implant giving a “snoopy” deformity.

Why does the breast sag?

The breast is typically supported by its external skin envelope and internal ligaments which connect the breast tissue to the chest. Over time, and with the effects of gravity these tissues can stretch, especially when excess weight is added to the breast as in pregnancy and lactation, and weight gain. This typically leads to:

  • flattening of the breast
  • sagging of the lower breast tissue
  • drooping of the nipple areola

What are my breast lift options?

A breast lift can help reposition and reduce the stretched nipple areola to its more youthful position and shape. This can be done, while maintaining the sensation to the nipple in most circumstances. The sagging breast shape can be corrected by removing excess skin and bringing together flattened breast tissue. In a standard breast lift, the breast may lose volume or cup size because it is repackaged in a tighter breast envelope. If volume is to be replaced a conservative sized breast implant can be added to the breast lift procedure; this is referred to a mastopexy augmentation procedure. An auto-augmentation mastopexy is designed to repackage your own breast tissue into an implant shape that provides volume and firmness to the breast.

Do I need a breast implant with my breast lift?

Not every women seeking a breast lift is a candidate nor “needs” a breast implant. This is an individual decision based on goals of the procedure and your own breast tissue density. A breast lift will leave scars on the breast which may be around the nipple areola, down the center of the breast, and under the breast, or a combination of them all. Over time and with active scar care, these will fade.

Do I need to wear a bra after a breast lift?

After a breast lift, the woman should still wear a bra for support. The breast lift procedure by definition corrects the tissues that have failed and placing additional stress on these tissues again may cause recurrent stretching. This is especially true in the mastopexy augmentation patient who has replaced volume to the breast.

For more information on breast lift procedures you can refer to https://www.drtrussler.com/cosmetic-procedures/breast/breast-lift ‎or arrange for a consult with Dr. Andrew P. Trussler in his Austin Texas plastic surgery office.

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