How Do I Choose a Breast Implant Size?

How Do I Choose a Breast Implant Size?

Interpreting the Language of Cup Size and CC’s and Translating them to Results

The most common language in breast augmentation is cup size and breast implant volume in cc’s. Unfortunately this language is very subjective and simplistic that may not translate completely when discussing modern breast augmentation. The interpretation of a patient’s goals needs to be discussed in choosing a breast implant in the cup and cc language but the result of the breast augmentation needs to factor in breast implant shape, pre-existing breast shape, chest wall shape and soft tissue quality to translate into a reliable result.

Breast implants do come filled with saline and silicone. The fill substance has no real have no bearing on breast augmentation size.

  • Silicone feels for natural than saline

Breast implants are filled with a volume of silicone or saline however implant shape is a vital component to the implant choice

  • One cup size does translate to 150 to 200 cc’s

Breast implants do come in round and anatomic as well as differing projections

Modern breast implants have differing contours with each contour have differing widths and can individually be fitted to the desired chest position and provide variable volumes and shapes.

Projections vary in width of the implant to the height of the implant with a higher profile implant being narrower though taller.

Choosing Breast Implant Profiles

  • Low profile breast implants are shorter and broader implants with can provide a very conservative base for a breast which id undergoing a combined breast lift or mastopexy with a breast implant.
  • Moderate profile breast implants provide a very natural shape, especially when placed in a sub-pectoral or “under the muscle” position. The projection or height is very soft and this can be emphasized with a moderate plus breast implant for slightly more shape and firmness.
  • High profile breast implants are narrower and taller and definitely deliver more volume in a smaller package. These implants may help a smaller chested patient achieve a larger augmentation. The upper pole definition can be softened when placed under the muscle and/or when combined with a peri-areolar mastopexy, which can tend to flatten the breast shape. There are extra high breast implants, which should be used selectively in revision and/or extreme volume cases.

Fill volume does translate into the final result, though some silicone breast implants have an optimal fill volume and are usually in a “plus” family, for example moderate plus style. These can be slightly firmer, and more form stable which could help to fill a tighter soft tissue pocket and/or eliminate rippling.

Breast implant shape can have a round or tear drop shape. A round breast implant when sized appropriately for the patient will have a natural upper pole shape when placed under the muscle. Round implants placed over the muscle may appear too defined in the upper pole. Anatomic implants can deliver a natural result in the select patient, however the shape and projection may not be as reproducible and reliable as compared to sub-pectoral breast augmentation.

Breast implants can be individually selected to increase volume and improve the shape of the breast. The degree of volume increase and shape can be fine tuned to help meet a patient’s goals when all variables are taken into account.

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