Weight Loss: it May get you Down in More Ways than One!

weight lossYou have worked hard to get to your goal weight. That is a lot to feel good about! Weight loss, whether achieved with healthy eating and exercise or a little help from your bariatric surgeon, offers significant advantages to your health, your lifestyle, your emotional well-being, and more. What you may find yourself surprised about, though, is the lack of elasticity in your skin. To some extent, the skin is resilient enough to bounce back into tighter shape after a good stretching. Depending on factors such as the extent of weight loss, genetics, and age, sagging skin may be a concerning consequence of the wonderful achievement of weight loss.

Sagging Skin Where?
One of the common areas of concern for saggy skin is the abdomen. But is this a given? Not necessarily. Everyone is different and has their own factors that relate to how the skin will respond. The apron of skin that can develop around the midsection is called a “pannus.” This overhang can create emotional upset as well as physical discomfort. If large enough, it can give the appearance of weight beneath clothing. When you’ve worked so hard to lose the weight, this is the last thing you want!

Body Contouring to the Rescue!
When you set out to lose weight, the image you held in your mind probably didn’t include sagging skin. It is not necessary the thin frame that we seek so much as contouring that suits our body type. Resolving the issue of sagging skin doesn’t need to be complicated. Some of the ways we help our patients with this concern include:

  • Lower body lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Brachioplasty, or arm lift
  • Breast lift or augmentation
  • Face lift or neck lift

Points to Consider
Are you struggling with the remnants of your old self hanging onto your body? Moving forward may be easier after considering a few key points:

  • What areas of the body are standing in the way of your best self?
  • Is the concern significant enough to warrant a consultation with your plastic surgeon?
  • What would be your ideal outcome from plastic surgery?

Patients in the Austin area have an experienced plastic surgeon in Dr. Trussler. To learn more about how to handle sagging skin, call 512-450-1077.

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