Is Your Chest Aging You?

Is Your Chest Aging You?

Laser skin resurfacing | Austin TXThe signs of aging that we typically notice first are those that appear around the eyes, nose, and mouth. After that, we may one day look at our hands and notice that they are thinner and have bulging veins where they didn’t before. At the same time that the skin is changing on the face and hands, it is also changing on the neck and chest. The chest, in particular, is vulnerable to sun damage and eventually shows signs of this, such as spots, rough texture, and precancerous lesions. We don’t talk much about the way that the chest can age the face, but we should. Here, we will discuss the innovative ways in which adults can address their aging chest with our help.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a mild to moderate method of refreshing the skin on the face and other areas. Treatment is quick and convenient, involving the application of a proprietary chemical solution on targeted skin. After a few minutes of absorption, the chemical solution stimulates a stronger exfoliation process than what happens naturally. Over a few days, dead and damaged skin cells slough off, allowing newer, healthier, younger-looking cells to emerge.

Laser Resurfacing

Many people consider laser treatments for their face but they forget lasers can work on all parts of the body. When the skin on the chest has become thin, crepe-like, and rough, laser resurfacing may be a solution. We perform laser skin resurfacing with either a gentle CO2 laser or an erbium laser depending on the degree of improvement a patient desires.


The microneedling technique has become a new fan-favorite in the past year or two. The treatment involves passing a needle-clad applicator tip over the skin. Several passes may be made to create hundreds of micro-channels in the skin. Unlike chemical peels and laser resurfacing, microneedling works by stimulating fibroblast cells to produce more vital proteins like collagen and elastin. These healing substances replenish the skin with fundamental attributes like firmness and stretchiness, keeping the skin younger-looking from the inside out.

Your face is only one of many parts of the body that will age in time. We can help you address others, like your chest, with convenient treatments. To schedule a consultation at our Austin med spa, call (512) 450-1077.

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