TNS™ Lip Plump System by SkinMedica®: Daily Care to Smooth, Soften and Enhance the Lips

TNS™ Lip Plump System is an effective lip care product from SkinMedica® that combines growth factors, peptides and hydrators to help enhance the lips with an easy to use, daily regimen.

Effective for smoothing and softening the lips, improving fullness, while enhancing colorImproves lip texture, tone and elasticity

  • Strengthens the skin of the lip, and rejuvenates the appearance by smoothing and tighting the skin

TNS™ Lip Plump System has two steps in two separate 0.05 Oz. dispensers which can be used in together:

  • TNS™ Lip Renewal: TNS (Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media), Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres, Shea Butter, Ceramide, Tripeptide
  • Lip Plumper: Lipid Soluble Niacin derivative, Glycine Soja Oil, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

Growth factors are protiens that regulate cellular growth and collagen production

How to use:

Easy to use,  daily regimen that includes 2 steps twice daily for application to the upper and lower lips.

Step 1 (TNS™ Lip Renewal)

  • Smoothing and softening effect
  • Helps with lip texture and condition
  • Enhances lip fullness

Step 2 (Lip Plumper)

  • Enhances natural lip color
  • Rejuvenates the lips

TNS™ Lip Plump System can be used in the morning after cleansing the skin and after application of morning skin care products like TNS Essential Serum™

An mid day and evening application can be used to hydrate and enhance the lips.

When to use it:

TNS™ Lip Plump System can be used as a daily lip care product.  It is safe to use after the initial phases of healing after a procedure such as a chemical peel or after volumetric fillers for lip augmentation.

Who can use it:

  • Ideal for all skin types, specifically for normal to dry skin, with fine lines and loss of definition.
  • Little to no risk of irritation and well tolerated. Can be combined with an SPF containing product.

Convenient and effective application leads to compliance with use. High patient satisfaction is related to compliance with results seen after 30 days of continuous use.

Andrew P. Trussler MD is a plastic surgeon in Austin Texas that carries a full compliment of SkinMedica® products for all skin types. The TNS™ Lip Plump System is a specialty product that is an everyday skin care staple.

Dr. Trussler’s Austin plastic surgery office can help direct you to the skin care products that can help your skin look and feel its best.



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