Reverse Signs Of Aging With Dermal Fillers

You can often guess a person’s age based on the wrinkles and creases on their face. With injectable fillers, you can turn back the hands of time and make your face look younger and smoother again. Dermal fillers are designed to be minimally invasive treatments for aging skin on the face and are widely used by professional dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Read on to learn how injectable fillers can help you.

How Injectable Fillers Can Help

  • Fill in gaps beneath the skin: Dermal fillers are gels or solutions injected beneath the skin to fill in gaps created by aging. Some injectable fillers are designed to fill in deeper gaps and to create volume, whereas other solutions are intended to be used closer to the surface. Popular fillers for adding volume to the deep tissue of the lips, cheeks, and other midface areas include Perlane®and Voluma®.
  • Smooth creases and wrinkles: Designed as dermal fillers to be injected closer to the surface of the skin, products like Juvederm® and Restylane® target the appearance of the skin more. These products are known to fill in gaps beneath the skin that cause wrinkled or creased appearances. If you are looking for smoother skin, shallow dermal fillers may be most effective.
  • Relax facial muscles: One of the most well-known cosmetic injectable fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic is very popular. BOTOX works by relaxing muscles instead of filling in gaps, though. By relaxing key facial muscles, BOTOX helps the face to make less drastic moves, preventing wrinkles from forming or appearing so apparent.
  • Restore facial volume: Some products function by actually restoring the collagen naturally found in the body and face. Sculptra®, for example, consists of bio-compatible acids that help your facial fat to revitalize, filling in sunken facial features more naturally.

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