Scar Care That Works: What do I use for my scar?

Scar Care That Works: What do I use for my scar?

There are many scar care products available for patients. The most common products are those with Vitamin E. Typically the only advantage that these have are that they are oily and provide hydration to the scar which is one of the keys to a good scar care regimen. If all you put on your scar is a Vitamin E oil or cream you are doing active scar care which is likely better than nothing at all though some Vitamin E products can cause skin irritation.
Compression with silicone sheeting or surgical tape is another modality which can help with scar healing. These products allow for hydration as well, therefore help with an additional healing effect. Silicone provides a negative surface charge which has been shown to improve scar formation. Surgical tape and silicone can help prevent shear forces which may lead to scar widening.
Topical scar therapy such as the Scar Recovery Gel from SkinMedica® provides hydration to the scar, an anti-micobial to prevent infection and components which help strengthen the scar. Scar Recovery Gel massaged into the scar, combined with silicone sheeting would be an active scar care regimen which would help with the end result of scar healing. This is usually appreciated at about one year. Prevention of sun damage to the scar with sun blocks, and smoking cessation and good nutrition will all help with scarring.
Scarless surgery does not exist, so if you have any type of surgery with a skin incision try some element of scar care to help improve the long term scar appearance.

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