Rhinoplasty FAQs

Rhinoplasty FAQs

What are the risks involved with rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery is one of the original cosmetic surgeries, the first modern cosmetic nose surgery being performed around 1890. It is a very common surgery today, but it is surgery and carries certain risks with it. There are the risks involved with any surgery: infection, excessive bleeding, reaction to anesthesia, and poor healing. But specific to rhinoplasty, the risks are nasal septal perforation, difficulty breathing, skin discoloration, enduring swelling, and a lack of satisfaction with the end result.

In the vast majority of these surgeries, however, patients are happy to have a nose they finally like looking at in the mirror. The procedure carries very low risk, with a high degree of satisfaction.

When can I expect to see my full results from my nose surgery?

Once your splint is removed, you’ll see the majority of your results immediately. Swelling will delay your final results, but the majority of your swelling should resolve within three weeks. At that point, although quantifying is difficult, you’ll probably be able to see about 80 percent of your final results.

The problem is residual swelling, particularly at the nasal tip. This can take a full year to completely resolve. It can resolve earlier in some patients. Still, you’ll love most of the changes within that first month after your surgery.

Are there visible scars from rhinoplasty?

Scarring is really not an issue with these surgeries. If Dr. Trussler uses the open method, there will be a tiny incision scar along the columella on the bottom of your nose between the nostrils. This tiny scar is barely noticeable and it fades dramatically with time. If the closed method is used, all incisions are made within the nose, so there is no visible scarring.

Will I have bruising under my eyes after rhinoplasty?

Bruising is pretty much guaranteed after nose surgery because of the tissue trauma. Your bruising will be the worst from three to seven days after your surgery. It will start as deep purple color and will transition to a brownish orange before fully clearing. It’s likely that some of your bruising may track down and discolor your cheeks. Some of this depends on the extent of changes made with your nose. If Dr. Trussler only worked on the septum and/or the nasal tip, there will be only minimal bruising, if any.

Is rhinoplasty covered by insurance?

If your nose surgery, whether rhinoplasty or septoplasty (to adjust the septum, the wall inside your nose that divides the nasal passages into a right and left side), is primarily intended to correct issues with function, then insurance is likely to cover the procedure. Of course, some cosmetic adjustments can be made at the same time as structural improvements. If your reasons for this surgery are strictly cosmetic, insurance will not cover it.

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