Rhinoplasty Affects More than Your Nose

Nasal Reconstruction Austin TX Many people express that they don’t like their nose. Some go so far as to state they would like to have a nose job to change what it is that they don’t like. While a nose that doesn’t fit with the face can be a distractor, the idea of having a different nose can also be intimidating. Patients who are considering rhinoplasty often ask whether their new nose will make them not look like themselves anymore. The fact is, when we alter the size and shape of the nose, the face will look different. We wouldn’t say that one will not look like themselves any longer, but they should prepare to look different. Here, we discuss why that is.

The Direct Effects of Rhinoplasty

To get a nose job means to have your nose refined in some way. Rhinoplasty is intended for the cosmetic and/or functional improvement of this part of the face. The procedure may be performed to straighten a deviation that is affecting breathing. It may be done to reduce a bulbous tip or narrow a wide nasal base or remove a hump on the bridge. The direct effect of rhinoplasty is that the nose will look smaller, straighter, and generally more refined.

The Indirect Effects of Rhinoplasty

Although rhinoplasty only changes the internal or external aspects of one singular facial feature, the entire face may look a little different after surgery. This is because the structure of the nose relates to all other facial features. The reason why is that the nose sits smack dab in the middle of them all.

The nose is the only facial feature that projects forward. Actually, the chin does as well, which is why changing one definitely changes the appearance of the other. The nose and the chin, in fact, are most in line when they project a similar distance from the surface of the face. As the central feature, though, the nose is what sets the tone for facial dimension. The nose provides shape and structure to the profile. It is the central, harmonizing feature that brings all others together.

Before rhinoplasty, the shape and size of the nose get all the attention. Not in a good way, most of the time. When we refine the nose, it allows all other facial features to be noticed to the same degree. So, it may not be so much that the entire face changes after rhinoplasty but that the eye is now freer to observe the face as a whole because the nose no longer commands the primary spot on the face.

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