Considering Plastic Surgery? We Know What You’re Thinking!

Cosmetic SurgeryThroughout years of practice, plastic surgeons like Dr. Trussler spend a great deal of time consulting with new patients. These visits shed light on the reasons many people seek cosmetic plastic surgery, and also on the thoughts that may plague them about their decision. We are here to support you, and to let you know you are not alone in the questions or concerns you may have.

I am afraid I won’t look like I imagine.

When you approach the mere idea of plastic surgery, you have some idea of what you think you will look like following your procedure. The truth is that there is no way to predict the EXACT results that can come from your selected cosmetic enhancement. However, if you look at forums such as the site, you will quickly realize that the majority of people who move forward with their chosen procedure are very happy with their results. After your comprehensive consultation, you should have a good understanding of what is – and what isn’t – possible for you. This will enable you to feel satisfied with the outcome of your surgery.

What will people think of me for having plastic surgery?

In this day of selfies and self-promotion, you would think that the stigma associated with facial and body procedures would be completely irrelevant. However, many people do question how the perception other’s have of them may change once they know they have had plastic surgery. In the end, if you are having plastic surgery for your own personal reasons, not to fit into any mold, you can expect to be happy with your decision. It is your view of yourself that matters the most.

The idea of surgery scares me.

If it were possible, we imagine most people would prefer a risk-free procedure. Alas, surgery does carry some degree of risk. This is one of several reasons why it is crucial to choose your plastic surgeon carefully. Our procedures are performed in an accredited surgical facility, with highly-trained staff and protocols in place in the event of an unforeseen complication. Also, many of the techniques used today can be completed without general anesthesia.

We understand the importance of your decision to have cosmetic plastic surgery. By providing you with the necessary information regarding your unique situation, we strive to make this decision easier. For your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Trussler, contact our office.


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“I’m very happy with my breast augmentation! Dr. Trussler did a breast augmentation and did a fabulous job. A very special thank u to the staff at the clinic as well, follow up visit amazing. Would highly recommend, Andrew P. Trussler, MD - Austin Plastic Surgery if you want the BEST!”

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