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Sculptra® or Poly L Lactic Acid is an injectable in the biostimulator family that helps encourage the body to produce collagen in the areas it is injected. It is typically used in areas not treated with standard volumetric fillers, such as Juvederm® and Restylane®.

  • Sculptra® is not a volumetric filler but does help to gradually smooth lines, naturally volumizing and rejuvenating the face.

Sculptra® needs to be rehydrated at least 48 hours ahead of time to help with an even dispersion and flow of the product. It is distributed in vials and injected with a small caliber syringe. Sculptra® is rehydrated with sterile water and lidocaine to help make the injections comfortable. The initial volume that is injected typically dissipates after the first hour, which may be replaced by some mild bruising and swelling for the next 5 days.

The areas commonly treated with Sculptra® include: the temples, the mid cheek region and the lower face for hollowing, depressions, fine lines and jowling. Sculptra® can be evenly distributed in all of these areas or focused injections can be performed in specific target regions.


  1. Temples for hollowing and loss of volume. Sculptra® is injected into the deep plane of the temple region and markedly improves facial shape.
  2. Mid-cheek for fine lines and hollowing commonly seen in weight loss. Sculptra® is injected superficially in the region below the boney cheek region and can be combined with highly cross linked hyaluronic fillers such as Voluma® or Restylane Lyft™.
  3. Lower face for jowling and pre-jowl depressions. Sculptra® is effective for natural structure in this region.
  4. Chin augmentation can be performed with Sculptra® injected along the jaw bone.

Correction typically takes 2 to 3 rounds of injections separated 6 weeks to 3 months apart. One vial should be able to be dispersed over the entire face, though for significant temple hollowing 2 vials may be needed.

  • The care for the areas treated include gentle massage in the area for 5 days. Ice can be applied to the areas for two days every 4 to 6 hours.

Expected changes after ® include gradual and natural volumizing in the areas of injection which are long lasting. The skin over the areas of injection can have resolution of fine lines and may appear thicker and healthier. Dr. Trussler in Austin Texas has significant experience injecting Sculptra® and can discuss an effective plan which can naturally rejuvenate the face.

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