Critical Aspects of a Mommy Makeover You Don’t Want to Miss

The addition of a little one to your family is a big event that can mean a lot of small changes in your body. As meaningful and fulfilling as it is to become a mother, physical changes like stretch marks and sagging breasts can feel frustrating. It is not uncommon for a woman to love her new life and wish for the body she had before pregnancy. The mommy makeover process can help a woman fulfill this wish. Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Trussler has performed numerous mommy makeovers over the years. If you’re considering this custom designed protocol, we want you to know all of the essential aspects.

  1. The mommy makeover is one of several puzzle-pieces to a great body. Getting a mommy makeover can mean a dramatic change for your body and your sense of self-esteem. Understandably, you want the results of your treatment to last as long as possible. This is why surgeons encourage patients who will have pockets of fat removed, tissue tightened, and breasts lifted to also develop the lifestyle habits that support these positive changes. It is an excellent idea for a woman to maintain her desired weight for three months before undergoing her mommy makeover.
  2. Beauty Sleep will be your BFF. There’s no way to portray a mommy makeover as a walk in the cosmetic surgery park. This process involves an intensive series of surgeries, each of which would require a few weeks of recovery on its own. It isn’t possible to have a mommy makeover on Friday, rest for the weekend, and be back to Mom-duty on Monday. Patients should prepare themselves for a full week of bedrest before they even begin to feel like resuming their normal daily activities. Significant improvement in comfort and energy occurs over several weeks. During that time, rest is the primary priority.
  3. Oops! You did it again! Doctors do recommend that patients undergo their mommy makeover when they feel confident they won’t have any more children. However, surprises happen. A woman may choose to become pregnant after a mommy makeover without risking her pregnancy. The primary concern related to post-makeover pregnancies is that the results achieved with surgery will be diminished.

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