Answers to Common Mommy Makeover Questions

We meet with a lot of patients who are interested in learning more about their own custom-designed mommy makeover. While every case is unique and may involve different procedures and techniques, patients often have very similar questions. So, we thought it wise to discuss them here as they may help you as you navigate your way toward your best body. 

Should I lose weight before having a Mommy Makeover?

Just about every patient who sees us for a mommy makeover wants to know if they should lose weight before scheduling their procedures. Weight loss can be a frustrating endeavor for any woman, regardless of how many children she’s had or how long it has been since she’s had them. Generally, plastic surgeons prefer to perform body contouring procedures on patients with a BMI, body mass index, below 38. The lower the patient’s BMI in relation to their healthiest body proportions, the lower their surgical and post-surgical risks. Additionally, patients are asked about their personal goals. If there is a goal weight in mind and it has yet to be reached, it is necessary to achieve that goal before having surgery. The reason is that post-surgical weight loss could affect the cosmetic outcome of the mommy makeover. 

How soon after I stop breastfeeding can I get a Mommy Makeover?

The scheduling of a mommy makeover is important to the surgical outcome. While it may be tempting to schedule treatment soon after giving birth, it is necessary to wait at least a few months to allow the body to lose weight naturally and also return to a state of hormonal balance. If a woman is breastfeeding, surgery is best performed 3 to 6 months after she has stopped. 

When can I exercise after a Mommy Makeover?

Women don’t just want to know when they can resume their normal exercise routine, but when they can have sex, when they can go back to work, when they can hold their children, and more. Basically, the question is “when can I resume my normal life?” The mommy makeover procedure is a significant investment that we want to protect. Rushing back to the gym and other activities can jeopardize the outcome of surgery and also the patient’s health. Generally, patients should take at least one week off work. The more physically demanding the job, the more time should be spent recovering. Exercise typically starts to resume about 4 weeks after surgery and may increase slowly. By 6 weeks post-op, patients typically have full clearance to resume life as usual. 

You may have many more questions than these if you’re considering a Mommy Makeover. To ask them, contact our Austin office at (512) 450-1077and schedule a consultation with Dr. Trussler. 

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