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When we talk about or hear about facial attractiveness, we often focus on a few primary features. It is well-known that the eye is8 naturally drawn to either the mouth or the eyes first, then to other parts of the face. What we don’t often recognize is how all the parts fit together in the creation of harmony. As we age, this harmony can be disrupted due to changes in volume in the upper regions, including the cheeks. When the fatty tissue that pads the cheekbones begins to degrade, the face looks not only wider at the bottom but also looser and saggier with jowls. One of the ways to restore a more youthful shape is to increase cheek volume with Juvederm Voluma. Here, we discuss why more people are turning to dermal fillers like Voluma for cheek enhancement. 

What Is Juvederm Voluma?

Juvederm is a large family of dermal fillers. What began with one product is now several, and Voluma is the first in its class to be made primarily for cheek augmentation. While all Juvederm fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (as are the Restylane products that we use), Voluma is manufactured with precisely-sized particles of this acid to make it more structural. The viscosity of Voluma is designed for injections into deeper layers of tissue, where it can augment the cheeks without making the face look puffy. In addition to cheek augmentation, Voluma may be appropriate for use at the cheek/eyelid juncture known as the tear troughs. Here, the product can smooth the transition line and eliminate the appearance of under eye bags. 

How it Works

It is the hyaluronic acid in Voluma that produces changes in the skin. This naturally-occurring chemical is integral to smooth, plump skin. It hydrates and lubricates various body parts by binding to water molecules. One particle of hyaluronic acid can hold one thousand molecules of water. The use of hyaluronic acid presents a convenient and safe mechanism of rejuvenating facial tissue. Patients appreciate that they can see the results of their injections immediately. Side effects are mild enough to resume most normal activities right after treatment, with the exception of any activity that puts pressure on the face. Patients also appreciate that the results of their Voluma treatment can last up to two years before the signs of aging recur. 

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