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Dermal Fillers Austin, TXCosmetic treatments like breast augmentation and injectables for facial rejuvenation have become so common in recent years that it’s easy to think we know just about everything there is to know about what we need to look the way we want. It’s interesting what can happen when we have so much information at our fingertips. In contrast to knowing more, we find that the wealth of details about plastic surgery that is out there can actually confuse patients.  Here, we point out how this commonly happens.

Do I even need plastic surgery?

Here’s a big one, thanks to the many, many injectables now used to smooth lines and wrinkles. Because we can fill lines and fill in the cheeks with dermal fillers, the idea that this is always appropriate has developed. Let’s take a step back for a moment and look at how this works.

Dermal fillers and neuromodulators are great for the reduction of mild to moderate complaints such as frown lines and deflated cheeks and lips. Facial aging is, by and large, related to the atrophy of tissues in the mid face. However, there is only so much filler that you can inject into the cheeks, temples, and undereye bags before the face starts to look, well, filled with filler! In the past few years, we saw actress Courtney Cox open up about the way that fillers deteriorated her natural look, and saw her natural features take on new beauty as her fillers were dissolved.

The point: Sometimes, a surgical lift is a better option for facial rejuvenation.

Just Take the Fat Out, Please

A common request from women we meet is that we perform liposuction on their midsection so their taut figure can be seen. Liposuction is an excellent method of removing excess fat, that has been proven. However, what surprises a lot of women – and even some men – is that their stomach needs a little more help if it is going to be flat and tight as they imagine. This is especially true among women who have had children because it is only natural that the abdominal muscles have been stretched beyond the norm.

The point: Liposuction is appropriate for fat removal in a number of areas of the body. However, if anything more than mild laxity in skin and underlying tissue exists in the midsection, a tummy tuck may also be warranted.

These are just two examples of misperceptions related to what may really be necessary to obtain the desired outcome from cosmetic care. To fully understand what is needed to help you love your look, schedule a consultation with Dr. Trussler in our Austin office. (512) 450-1077.

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