Think You Know What a Breast Lift is All About?

Breast Lift Austin, TXBreast lift surgery has been available nearly as long as breast augmentation with implants. For many years, women leaned more toward adding volume than adding height to refine breast shape. Not anymore. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery interest in mastopexy or breast lift surgery, has increased more than 600 percent in less than two decades. In light of this relatively new trend of natural breast enhancement, we find it important to discuss the value that breast lift surgery has for the woman wanting change.

Common Structural Complaints

There are a few common complaints that occur as a woman’s body ages. While each may be slightly nuanced, the underlying cause of each comes down to the degradation of the envelope of skin and superficial muscle that supports breast tissue. Some of the improvements that can be achieved with breast lift surgery include:

  • Most younger women could get by with minimal support from a bra if any at all because the envelope of tissue across the chest wall holds breasts at a nice height. This means that breasts project in a way that makes them appear firm and perky.
  • Breast lift surgery is not about increasing volume, necessarily, but about reinstating the voluptuous nature of a woman’s breasts through refinement. Dr. Trussler may perform mastopexy with auto-augmentation, a procedure that redistributes the fatty tissue of the breast to add contouring where needed. Even a traditional breast lift enhances shape simply by restoring the proper cradle support around breast tissue.
  • Nipple direction. The average woman may know that her breasts will droop at some point. Rarely do the nipples come to mind, though. There is an inherent expectation that nipples will point forward, always. Not so. Breast sagging can take the nipples downward. Mastopexy may involve the slight alteration of the areolae and surrounding skin to redirect the nipples in a forward projection.

Women in the Austin, TX area need not look far to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can help them refine their shape. Learn more about breast lift procedures at (512) 450-1077.

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